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Innovative finance for sustainable development

For the world’s 2.7 billion people who rely on wood, charcoal and other solid fuels for cooking and keeping warm, the costs are enormous.

Indoor air pollution from traditional cook stoves is responsible for 4 million deaths world-wide, most of whom are women and children, while the burning of wood and other biomass leads to deforestation, climate change and illness.
Thankfully, passionate individuals and organizations all over the world are coming-up with innovative new ways to improve the way people cook. Nexus is supporting them in their fight against indoor air pollution by assisting clean cook stove producers to access the funding they need to scale their impact.

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In 2014, Nexus joined forces with the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves and the Gold Standard Foundation to create the Clean Cooking Loan Fund (CCLF).The CCLF is helping clean cookstove and fuel enterprises to access carbon finance to expand their operations. Having received a total of 44 applications, Nexus is already assisting the work of 4 projects in Africa through the CCLF and hopes to significantly extend its support in the coming years.

The CCLF is demonstrating how innovative finance models can support sustainable development goals and improve lives in the face of climate change.

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