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Deutsche Post DHL Group and Nexus team up to bring clean water to Cambodia

Nexus prides itself in connecting companies committed to sustainability with development projects that are making a difference.

Take Deutsche Post DHL Group. A global leader in offering logistics and mail solutions, they also implement initiatives to make their practices more environmentally friendly. Their GoGreen program improves the company’s sustainability performance while also providing their customers with the opportunity to make a difference.

Nexus thought that Deutsche Post DHL Group would make a great partner to support Hydrologic Social Enterprise, the maker of an award winning ceramic water purifier (that also reduces CO2 emissions) based in Cambodia. And they selected the project in Cambodia!

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When customers do business with Deutsche Post DHL Group, they can choose to offset the greenhouse gas emissions of that service by funding projects such as the one from Hydrologic. Not only does this allow for the customer and the company to manage their carbon footprint, but they are helping to make clean water a reality for millions of Cambodians.

Cost can be a major barrier in getting more efficient technologies into the hands of people who need them most. The financial support made possible by these sorts of partnerships means that prices can be kept low and more communities will benefit.

Nexus is proud to bring leading organizations together from the corporate and development worlds to scale up the impact of successful projects.

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