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Crowdfunding opens doors to clean water for the most remote communities

Welcome to Laos. The Southeast Asian nation is renowned for its beautiful mountains and dense forests. But this stunning terrain can also pose a challenge to rural communities’ ability to access basic essentials.

In Laos, 43% of the population lack access to clean water, and over 80% of households must boil their water to make it safe for drinking. Wood and charcoal are used for fuel, which is mostly gathered by girls and women. During their foraging trips they risk snake bites, robberies, and sexual attacks. They are then exposed to toxic gases during the boiling process. Seeking to address these problems, Nexus and TerraClear found a way to bring clean drinking water to even the most remote families.

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By organizing a crowd funding campaign, TerraClear, an award winning producer of household water filter products, managed to purchase two trucks. These vehicles make the distribution of their water filters (to communities that would otherwise be extremely difficult to access) a reality.

The trucks play an important role in TerraClear’s goal to distribute 100,000 ceramic water purifiers throughout the country by 2019. With access to water filters, families are no longer exposed to the dangers of sourcing charcoal and wood and impacts to Laos’ forests are reduced. Using the water filters also eliminates exposure to waterborne diseases and toxic gases, creating healthier communities.

Nexus is proud to continue supporting TerraClear with carbon finance and crowdfunding campaigns on its mission to make clean, safe drinking water accessible for all the people of Laos.

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