Clean energy from waste

Biogas Program Cambodia

Technology: Harnessing clean energy from livestock and agricultural waste.

Carbon credits: Gold Standard on Markit Registry

Emission Reduction

1.1 millions tonnes CO2e

Deforestation avoided

490,160 tonnes of wood

Organic fertilizer produced

367,620 tonnes

From producing clean renewable fuel to creating a clean energy sector in Cambodia with Biomass

Biogas is a clean energy source produced from livestock and agricultureal waste. The program aims to disseminate fixed dome digesters and establish a thriving domestic biodigester sector based on a market driven approach for sustainable energy in Cambodia.

Sustainable access to energy

The biodigester converts animal manure into clean biogas and organic fertilizer, providing a way for individual households to reduce their dependence on polluting fuels for cooking and lighting.

Livelihood and Health

This clean energy generates time and money savings for users while reducing deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. It also creates a smoke-free cooking environment, producing positive impact on respiratory health, especially for women and children.

Economic growth

The organic fertilizer generated from the system also reduces how much farmers spend on chemical fertilizer while improving crop yield leading to greater produce income.

Sustainable livestock production

Using biodigesters on farms promotes the sustainable production of livestock without affecting the environment. Animal waste is collected in the digester, which processes it and turns it into biogas. The remaining bio-slurry serves as an organic fertilizer.

NBP reduces the impact on climate change through the reduction of GHG emissions

NBP programme operates in 14 provinces

The National Biodigester Programme (NBP) is a joint development of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) and the Dutch Development Organization (SNV). The potential for biogas households is estimated to 1 million households.

Biodigesters completion 2006 – 2018 (June)

Support this project

By purchasing carbon credits, you can provide the Biogas Program in Cambodia with critical funding to allow more people to be trained on the construction and maintenance of biodigesters, enabling the technology to benefit additional farm families.