Clearing the air on cookstove potential

Helping EMC and GERES explore the potential of clean cookstoves in Myanmar

When GERES wanted to study the potential for a clean cookstove program to succeed in Myanmar, they turned to Emerging Markets Consulting (EMC) and Nexus’ technical consulting team for assistance.

Nexus already had considerable experience working closely with cookstove producers in Cambodia. While conditions differ between the two countries, both share common benefits from transitioning to cleaner cooking technologies. Like Cambodia, Myanmar experiences significant health impacts from indoor wood burning.In fact, respiratory infections account for more life years lost than more prominent diseases like malaria, HIV, and tuberculosis. Household wood burning also takes a toll on Myanmar’s forests, accounting for 28% of the country’s annual deforestation.

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With nearly nine million households in Myanmar relying on biomass stoves for cooking, there is a clear opportunity for more efficient technology to take hold.

Nexus and EMC set out to fill in the gaps that would help GERES determine the most effective approach for launching a program in Myanmar. The completed market assessment revealed marked differences in stove preferences across geographic areas, a range of fuel costs throughout the country, and other data that could be used to tailor a program to meet the unique circumstances on the ground.

In addition to providing innovative funding solutions, Nexus uses its technical expertise to unlock the potential of great ideas that can benefit communities and the climate.

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