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Coca-Cola supports biogas program in rural Vietnam

The Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest beverage provider and one of the most recognizable brands on the planet.

Their products reach all corners of the globe and the company has actively pursued solutions to reduce its environmental footprint. As part of their sustainability efforts, Coca-Cola wanted to throw their support behind a project that was addressing climate change and creating social benefits. To achieve this, they turned to Nexus.

With its portfolio of projects that not only result in impactful climate outcomes but also improve the lives of millions of people in rural areas, Nexus was a fitting partner for Coca-Cola’s sustainability efforts. Together, the two organizations are supporting an innovative biogas program in Vietnam (BP).

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BP captures methane (a potent, climate change causing gas) from animal waste and turns it into a fuel source for rural farm families. Now, instead of cooking over a wood fire and suffering the effects of indoor air pollution, these families can prepare their meals in a clean environment and save money on fuel costs.

The funding provided by these types of partnerships help to keep sustainable technologies affordable for those who need them most. Corporate partners like Coca-Cola help Nexus to introduce more climate friendly projects to deserving communities.