Creating clean water access in Indonesia


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  • Technology: Household water purifier
  • Carbon credits: Gold Standard on Markit Registry
  • Awards: Ashden Award (2016), Tech Awards Nokia Health Award (2013), Mansholt-Business Award for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (2012)

Nazava Water Filters wants everyone, everywhere, to have access to safe and affordable drinking water.

In rural Indonesia, 80% of residents must boil their water to make it drinkable. Nazava’s technology eliminates 99.9% of particles and pathogens, reducing exposure to water borne illness. The filters also help the environment by displacing wood and fossil fuels used to boil water.

Nazava’s filters have already reached over 250,000 Indonesians, but there are millions more who could benefit from this dependable source of water. Nazava is working hard to scale up their business and reach 1 million people by 2020.

This project is already making a difference by:

- Filters can produce 2-3 liters of water per hour - Filters can produce up to 7000 liters of water before requiring replacement-typically more than 1.5 years - 330Kg CO2e saved by each filter

Buy carbon credits

Purchase carbon credits to help even more people benefit from this technology. The sale of credits supports the expansion of Nazava’s sales network and helps keep the product affordable to more households.

Nexus follows the industry standards of ICROA and is committed to delivering only high-quality carbon credits