Cutting carbon in Lao kitchens


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  • Technology: Locally made efficient cookstoves
  • Carbon credits: Gold Standard on Markit Registry
  • $5 retail price; stoves save users $2 each month on fuel purchases
  • 24 month lifespan of an improved cook stove, compared to 6 months for less-efficient models

New stove designs and market models are opening doors for cleaner, more environmentally friendly cooking options in Southeast Asia.


In Laos, most people cook with wood and charcoal. The result: carbon emissions, air pollution, and a significant loss of forest cover over the past two decades.

The Laos Improved Cookstove Programme is countering this by building a more inclusive market around healthier, affordable technology. By extending market participation to rural areas, improved cook­stoves become a powerful sustainable development tool.

Through this programme, local producers receive training and are now making more stoves that are more efficient. Their customers are saving on fuel costs and breathing cleaner air. The improved cookstove programme has also supported the cre­ation of three testing agencies to ensure stoves are high quality.

This project is aiming to sell 420,000 improved stoves over an eight year period with the support of carbon finance.


This project is already making a difference by:

Saving users $1.2 million on fuel purchases each year

Buy Carbon Credits

Purchase carbon credits to help even more people benefit from this technology. The sale of carbon credits allows the project to train producers in improved production techniques that meet new efficiency standards.

Nexus follows the industry standards established by ICROA and is committed to delivering only high-quality carbon credits.