Fuel up cook stove programs

How GERES inspires the production of clean cookstoves

Meet Von Srey Keo. She lives in rural Cambodia, and a couple of years ago she couldn’t provide enough income for her family. But that was all about to change.

Then 22 years old, Von joined a training program organized by GERES for would-be New Lao Stove producers. Despite her anxieties, she took out a loan from the ACLEDA Bank, a microfinance institution, and set up her business. Fast-forward only a short while and Von is turning her new skills and financing into 115 stoves a month.

Cambodia has one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world. Today, over 80% of the population relies on wood and charcoal for their daily cooking. Cooking with wood and charcoal has direct negative health impacts, most often leading to respiratory, heart and eye problems.

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With the introduction of their Stoveplus program, GERES has been able to support the production of clean cook stoves all over the world. The high value cook stoves produce less smoke, resulting in improved health. Moreover, they reduce household spending on cooking fuel and help in the fight against deforestation. By introducing a product with high added value that is desired by consumers, GERES also increases the income of cook stove producers and distributors.

Nexus continues to provide carbon finance support to GERES and stands behind their efforts to promote the production and dissemination of clean cook stoves.

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