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Hydrologic brings access to clean water to two million Cambodians

In rural Cambodia, accessing clean drinking water is particularly challenging. But for some communities, this got a whole lot easier.

Over 400,000 ceramic water purifiers from Hydrologic, an award winning Cambodian social enterprise, now provide local households with access to clean, safe drinking water.

In Cambodia, nearly two million rural households do not have access to safe, potable water and are often exposed to water-borne diseases. In order to produce safe drinking water, two thirds of Cambodian households must first boil it by burning wood or charcoal.

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Burning these fuels contributes to serious respiratory and heart problems in those exposed to the smoke – especially children – and compounding Cambodia’s growing deforestation challenge.

With the help of carbon finance, Hydrologic has already reached over one million people and is on track to meet its goal of distributing 590,000 locally made purifiers by 2017.

Here at Nexus we’re proud to support Hydrologic on its mission to improve health, livelihood and environmental outcomes for some of Cambodia’s most vulnerable communities.

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