Growing markets and shrinking air pollution

Working with Nexant to assess clean cookstoves in Cambodia and Laos

Nexus supports projects that are actively making a difference for communities and the environment, while also looking to the future, seeking ways for its technical consulting services to scale up and improve promising initiatives.

When the consulting firm Nexant, on behalf of USAID, wanted to assess the potential for growing the clean cookstove markets in Cambodia and Laos, Nexus was there to help.

Efforts to expand the uptake of clean cookstoves in Cambodia have been ongoing since the late 1990s while the Laos market is still in its infancy.

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Nexus set out to map the unique conditions in each country, conducting a literature review, coordinating an extensive series of local stakeholder interviews, and conducting a field survey of 1200 households.The data collected ranged from cooking habits, to fuel usage profiles, to awareness around indoor air pollution. The subsequent report also included a full analysis of the socio-political, environmental, and current market conditions within each country.

The resulting information will be key to the strategic evolution of the clean cookstove markets in Cambodia and Laos. The growth of the sectors will create local jobs and economic opportunity for producers and distributors and improved health outcomes and lower environmental impacts in rural communities. Nexus relies on its technical expertise to help great ideas achieve development results.

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