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  • Technology: Locally made efficient cookstoves
  • Carbon credits: VCS on Markit Registry
  • Awards: Energy Globe Award (2012), PCIA-Global Leadership Award (2011), PCIA-International Net Forward Energy Award (2009), Honorary Energy Globe Award (2008)

Cambodia has one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world. One reason is that over 80% of Cambodians rely on wood and charcoal for their daily cooking, which totals more than 4.7 million tonnes of wood consumed annually just for domestic cooking. Most woodfuels (including wood and charcoal) come from unsustainable supply, directly collected from the forest or through the conversion of forest areas into agricultural land. Burning less woodfuels cuts greenhouse gas emissions and reduces the pressure on natural forests.

Group for the Environment, Renewable Energy and Solidarity (GERES) is helping millions of Cambodians access efficient cooking devices. They also support a national network of stove producers and distributors who benefit from a higher added value and can offer sustainable jobs to over 500 people in their community. Not only do the stoves reduce fuel consumption and forest degradation, but they create economic opportunities through reduced energy expenses.

This project is already making a difference by:

Disseminating 2.5 million stoves

Buy Carbon Credits

Purchase carbon credits to help even more people benefit from this technology. The sale of carbon credits supports the association of independent cookstove producers and distributors, who are working to strengthen the cookstove market in Cambodia and implementing a quality control and monitoring system for the sector.

Nexus follows the industry standards of the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance.
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