Improved cookstoves make a difference in Malawi


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In Malawi, over 90% of the population relies on wood for cooking. This contributes to forest degradation and the loss of important carbon storage. It also means that over 3.5 million households are affected by household air pollution. But there are affordable technologies that can help address these environmental and health challenges while also creating rural employment.

Hestian is working to make cleaner cookstoves a part of daily life in Malawi. The household stoves are affordable ($2 US) and effectively reduce household air pollution by at least 45%, while the larger institutional stoves reduce the use of wood fuel by up to 80%.

This project is already making a difference by:

Reaching more than 200,000 households in Malawi with cleaner cookstove technology

Saving households 1kg of wood per day

reducing smoke exposure according to 98% of users

Reducing CO2 emissions by three tonnes annually in each household using an improved stove

Buy carbon credits

Purchase carbon credits to help even more people benefit from this technology. The sale of credits supports continued research and development and the training of local producers and distributors, enabling the project to scale up its impact.

Nexus follows the industry standards of ICROA and is committed to delivering only high-quality carbon credits.