Nexus Members

Our members are working to deliver low-carbon solutions to meet energy, water, sanitation or agriculture needs in Asia and Africa.


At Nexus we believe in the power of meaningful connections. Our members are award-winning, non-governmental organizations and social enterprises working to improve people’s lives in the face of climate change and poverty. We help them get access to the resources they need to grow.  

Advantages of being a member

Access to finance

Members have access to innovative financing options that allow them to scale their impact and develop their capacity. Nexus manages several funds, including the Pioneer Facility for social businesses, and two funds to pre-finance carbon certification costs for development projects.


Technical assistance and expertise

We provide technical assistance to members wanting to access the carbon market. From validation to verification, from registration to issuance of carbon credits. We  offer a range of tailored consultancy services, providing member with market leading rates for technical support and guidance.


Carbon asset management

Once the member’s carbon credits are issued, the Nexus team assists with marketing and selling these credits to clients all over the world. Since 2012, Nexus has supported the sale of more than 2 million Voluntary Emission Reductions (VERs), worth nearly $8 million for its members.


Knowledge sharing and advocacy

Nexus unlocks new opportunities by connecting people, ideas and action. Nexus encourages the transfer of knowledge and best practices to support projects to scale. Nexus also actively monitors funding opportunities for members and their projects.


Nexus membership is open to:

  • Organizations who are working to deliver low-carbon solutions to meet energy, water, agriculture or sanitation needs in Asia or Africa.
  • Organizations who are either a legally registered non-profit, non-governmental organization or a legally registered for-profit corporation with a strong commitment to social improvements and environmental protection
  • Organizations who strive to work together to support each other based on mutual respect. Members are willing to share knowledge and lessons learned on how to access finance and scale low-carbon development projects and activities.

How to become a member

If you are interested in becoming a member, here is an overview of the process which would take 4-8 weeks total:


  • Reach out to our Membership Manager to express your interest and to receive a short form to fill in with information about your organization and its projects
  • After a preliminary screening, suitable applicants will be asked to submit additional financial, HR, and organization documentation.
  • Nexus assesses your application, checks references, and makes a formal recommendation to the Board who makes a decision. Current members have the chance to voice objection.
  • Once the applicant signs the Terms and Conditions and pays the membership fee ($250-$1000 based on the size of your company), the applicant is formally inducted into the membership.