Nexus and REEEP powering change in Cambodia

Renewable energy gasification technology helping rice millers tackle climate change

Accelerating climate change and rising inequality are changing the way we think about energy and are challenging policy makers and investors to pursue smarter, cleaner energy solutions.

This shift is creating unique opportunities, especially for developing countries, to capitalize on investments in renewable energy infrastructure and technologies.
Nexus is providing the resources to do just that.

Partnering with the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP), Nexus is helping rice millers in rural Cambodia to combat climate change and rural poverty by redefining energy usage through innovative finance for sustainable development.

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Having created the unique Waste to Energy Revolving Fund, Nexus along with members CEDAC and SNV, are helping rice millers to access capital to purchase renewable energy generation technology.

Rice milling requires huge amounts of electricity, which in Cambodia and other developing countries is expensive and relies on the burning of dirty fuels such as diesel. Through the unique Waste to Energy Revolving Fund, rice millers will be able to access finance to purchase rice husk gasification technology, which converts currently discarded rice husks into clean renewable energy. The opportunities to scale this project are enormous and there are currently 100s of rice millers and cooperatives across Cambodia that are keen to participate in the program.

Nexus is helping to redefine energy access in a way that is benefiting both local communities and the environment.

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