We bring together businesses, local communities, and development entrepreneurs to improve lives and deliver sustainable climate benefits. As a not-for-profit cooperative we offer superior, direct access to carbon credit projects that support long-term livelihood, health, and environmental benefits for communities in developing countries.

Great returns

Our mission is to deliver the highest impacts for your investment, including social returns and environmental improvements. We work in a transparent manner with project developers, ensuring the maximum funding possible is allocated directly to scaling up delivery.

Benefits beyond

All of our carbon-saving projects deliver benefits beyond CO2 emissions reductions. Renewable energy generation, safe drinking water, local jobs, and improved family health are just a few of the many benefits created by our projects.

Direct Access

Our unique cooperative structure means we offer direct access to both projects and beneficiaries, including regular updates from the ground – helping you to deliver the highest standard of corporate responsibility and sustainable development outcomes.

Carbon credits

By purchasing carbon credits from one of our award winning projects you are contributing to the reduction of CO2 globally, whilst simultaneously supporting the delivery of a range of positive environmental impacts.

Partnering with Nexus for your carbon management provides you with multiple levels of added-value, as our climate-friendly projects create opportunities for families across Asia and Africa. This work delivers a suite of social, economic, and health improvements to the communities who benefit from their implementation directly and indirectly.

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Quality Assurance

We are committed to delivering only high-quality carbon credits, never compromising on quality, integrity, or transparency. By identifying and compiling information on the co-benefits for our members’ projects, we can communicate more accurately the true environmental, social, and economic impacts of their activities. Finally, we ensure our clients and partners that:

  • CO2 reductions are validated and verified by reputable third-party carbon standards;
  • All of our carbon issuances and retirement processes are externally verified and validated through the use of third-party registries and auditors;
  • Every tonne of carbon credit sold is a tonne of carbon reduction delivered: guaranteed;
  • We keep up to date with the highest industry standards on carbon management.

Carbon Standards

Our entire portfolio of CO2 saving projects is validated and verified to market-leading standards. Our projects are regularly audited by accredited third-parties and meet all of the standard’s quality requirements, ensuring that all carbon credits are real, measurable, additional, permanent, unique, and traceable.

Nexus developed a pre-screening and screening process in order to assess members’ projects before supporting them in accessing carbon finance and issuing carbon credits. We apply rigorous selection criteria and conduct thorough due diligence on all new projects in our portfolio.

Nexus currently supplies Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) that can be used to offset all types of greenhouse gas emissions, issued under the following standards:

  • The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS):
    The VCS is a robust, global standard for voluntary carbon offset projects founded by The Climate Group, the International Emissions Trading Association, the World Economic Forum, and later joined by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.
    To find out more visit: www.v-c-s.org


Our projects’ carbon credits are held in an online registry, ensuring a transparent chain of custody, from issuance through to retirement. All credits listed in registries have unique serial numbers for tracking and management purposes, ensuring traceability.

All credits sold to our clients are subsequently ‘retired’, a procedure that ensures they can never be re-sold – thus avoiding any risk of double-counting.


Nexus guarantees that for every tonne of carbon sold, a tonne of high-quality carbon credit is delivered, passing on the highest possible sales percentage directly to support our members’ projects on the ground.

Industry Standards

Nexus is a member of the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA), a non-profit industry body promoting best practice in voluntary carbon management and offsetting. ICROA is committed to providing the highest quality carbon reduction solutions for business and public sectors.

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To find out more visit: www.icroa.org

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Carbon footprinting

Understanding your resource needs and current carbon footprint is the first step in improving your organization’s overall efficiency and reducing environmental impacts. Our carbon footprinting experts help organizations develop this understanding through a comprehensive assessment of your business and operations.

We follow the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064-1:2006 guidelines, covering all three scopes and providing solutions that create long term value for your organization. Our approach has an emphasis on transparency and performance, helping you to go beyond business-as-usual.

Nexus also provides bespoke training, helping our corporate partners achieve their sustainability and carbon management goals.

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Corporate responsibility

The challenges facing the world today are substantial, but so too are the opportunities to inspire and create change.

We connect leading businesses with exciting sustainable development projects through our bespoke service offering: making your support go further and exploring shared value opportunities. We cater to the unique needs of your organization, supporting the delivery of your corporate responsibility goals via sustainable development outcomes.

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Who we have helped

Coca-Cola Company

Creating a renewable energy buzz, Coca-Cola supports biogas program in rural Vietnam.

Deutsche Post DHL

A special delivery-Deutsche Post DHL and Nexus team up to bring clean water to Cambodia.