Stove solutions scale up with the Clean Cooking Loan Fund

The Clean Cooking Loan Fund (CCLF) was created to help cookstove projects gain access to the carbon market.

As of May 2016, the CCLF has provided over $170,000 in loans to three cookstove projects:

1) Uganda Carbon Bureau- A member of Nexus, this project is made up of several micro projects that are disseminating cookstoves in East Africa to reduce wood and charcoal use. This approach allows for different technologies to be introduced depending on the needs of the stove users.

2) Emerging Cooking Solutions- Based in Zambia, this company is aiming to scale-up the dissemination of efficient gasifier stoves. The stoves are fueled by locally produced biomass pellets, which are affordable for low-income households.

3) Microsol- This social enterprise operates in Peru. There are four different stove technologies being disseminated under this project, all made from local materials and adapted to local cooking styles.

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A fourth project, Toyola, based in West Africa, is awaiting the disbursement of its CCLF funding. Together, these projects are reducing kitchen smoke and carbon pollution, leading to healthier communities and protecting the climate. The CCLF is helping cookstove projects address a key funding gap and getting more stoves into the hands of those who benefit from them.

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