This short test covers 5 questions. The results show how well your organization matches the Pioneer Facility’s criteria.

Nexus Pioneer Facility Survey

Are you a social enterprise?

Nexus considers your organization a social enterprise if:

your organization creates social and/ or environmental benefits with the essential goods and services you promote.

your organization uses market-based approaches to fulfill its mission, with financial sustainability in the medium-term vision.

your organization seeks to consistently apply the values of the social mission not only to its goods and services, but also in its governance (fair employment, good governance, etc.)

Does your enterprise produce and/or sell sustainable energy, clean water, and/or sanitation solutions?

For instance: clean cookstoves and fuels, solar home systems, water purifiers or clean water networks, waste-to-energy systems (biogas, biomass to energy), and sanitation systems.

Is the main activity of your enterprise based in Asia or Africa?

The Pioneer Facility focuses on projects in Asia. Some African projects with very strong potential may be eligible.

Does your enterprise’s activity have positive impacts on poverty and the environment?

The Pioneer Facility fund is specifically set up for organizations that develop sustainable, affordable clean energy, water or sanitation solutions.

Is your enterprise in a growth/scaling phase with a business plan?

The Pioneer Facility aims to provide loans to enterprises which have completed pilots, have a business plan, and are ready to scale their activities.