About Us

Our Vision

Nexus for Development envisions a world where all communities benefit from access to clean energy and water.

Our Mission

Nexus for Development drives access to finance in developing economies across Asia to increase sustainable energy and water resource development, advance low-carbon solutions, and scale local implementers.

Our Impact

We are an international not-for-profit organization founded in 2009 on the principles of sustainable development. We facilitate dialogue between stakeholders, among those investors and entrepreneurs, to advance societies towards a sustainable, carbon-free economy, guaranteeing the preservation of natural resources.




accessing safe drinking water


accessing clean energy solutions




tCO2e reduced

Our Work

We are mission-driven professionals with experience in debt financing across developing economies and deep expertise in Southeast Asia. We provide Integrated Finance Solutions to support the scale-up and impact of enterprises. Our team brings together diverse backgrounds in engineering, finance, credit analysis, international development, law, marketing, and operations.

Fund management

We address financing gaps by designing and deploying innovative solutions that blend traditional development funding, debt finance, impact investment, and climate finance to provide solutions to market barriers.

Consultancy offering

We ensure that the enterprises we support are generating positive social and environmental impacts. We leverage frameworks and methodologies to provide organizations with critical insights and data to support their decision-making process.

Carbon Finance service

We engage implementers that require a key source of funding for their enterprises to scale by leveraging the Carbon Market and providing a full range of support from project certification to carbon asset management.

Technical consultancy

Our technical consultancy work includes environmental impact studies, market and feasibility studies, carbon footprint assessments, energy efficiency audits, impact measurement.

Our Story

We leveraged our experience with carbon finance and have evolved over the last decade by first identifying market gaps and then developing the most appropriate services and pilot funds as solutions. The impetus that drives these initiatives is our commitment to providing useful and affordable financial products and services that meet the ecosystem’s needs.


February 1


Nexus for Development is registered as a Charity in Singapore by an alliance of development organizations with an aim to create an organization that addresses barriers to carbon finance

February 1


Nexus for Development is recognized in Cambodia as an international NGO based on MOUs with the Ministries of Environment and Foreign Affairs 

February 1


Climate Energy Revolving Fund (CERF) is initiated as a pilot fund made possible through grant contributions from international partners REEEP, the Austrian Government and the Blue Moon Fund.

February 1


Pioneer Facility, the innovative debt facility, is launched with the support of three major investors: FFEM, Phitrust, Lorinet foundation.  

February 1


Nexus delivers its largest issuance of carbon credits to date from a biogas project in Vietnam measured at over 1M tonnes of CO2 avoided from the project.

February 11


Nexus celebrates its 10th anniversary and incorporate its knowledge activities under the so-called Leveraging Innovative Finance Together, aka LIFT program 

Our Carbon Footprint

We estimate our carbon footprint in accordance with the GHG Protocol. In 2019 and 2020, our carbon footprint was 120 tonnes of CO2 (tCO2) emissions.

We have been effectively limiting some of its footprint activities.

  • Nexus staff lives within 4.2km of our office in Phnom Penh and many cycles to work.
  • Our paper supply is sourced from sustainably managed plantations that are carbon negative, sequestering carbon using fast-growing tree species in unused farmland.
  • Office coffee is organic and locally sourced.

In addition to internal efficiency measures and initiatives, we offset our emissions by purchasing high-quality, Gold Standard carbon credits from a collection of its member projects.