We develop and manage new ways to finance sustainable energy, water and sanitation enterprises in Asia.  Through our investees, we support innovations in sustainable development, climate change mitigation, and poverty reduction.

Our Funds

Indicative Terms

  • Enterprise stage
  • Sectors
  • Location
  • Use of Funds
  • Fund Size
  • Currency
  • Ticket Size
  • Tenor
  • Interest Rate*
  • Security


  • Early/Growth-stage SMEs
  • Clean energy and clean water
  • Asia
  • Purchase of equipment, Funding of a specific project
  • n/a
  • USD
  • USD 10K – 50K (1)
  • Up to 3 years
  • 8% p.a.
  • Uncollateralized

Climate Funds

  • Carbon emissions reduction projects
  • Clean cooking and clean water
  • Developing world
  • Carbon project verification costs
  • USD590,000
  • USD
  • From USD 30K (3)
  • Up to 3 years
  • 10% p.a.
  • Uncollateralized

*(subject to risk assessment and country benchmarking)
**but may look at guarantee structures
(1)Loans are raised via crowdfunding thus opening up investments to smaller, individual lenders
(2)Repayment schedules are based on farmers’ projected energy savings from making the switch to clean energy technologies
(3)Loans are paid back from the proceeds of carbon credits issued and sold. Carbon projects are managed by Nexus on behalf of the borrower


We are providing access to finance for development projects in Asia with support from our partners.