Carbon Offsets

Individuals or companies seeking to voluntarily offset their emissions or achieve carbon neutrality via reputable projects that also deliver positive community impacts can do this via purchasing carbon credits.

Carbon credits are certified greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions (ERs). They demonstrate, under the most strict standards and with third-party verification, that a project has facilitated the avoidance of greenhouse gases, and therefore helped limit climate change. Here at Nexus for Development, we work only with highly socially and environmentally impactful projects from energy and water sectors. Our field partners work hard to address the most urgent community needs, and we organize the carbon certification of their activities.

Buy Carbon Credits to enable positive and quantified impacts

Our projects are designed and implemented by NGOs and social enterprises in Asia, always in consultation with the communities. By buying the carbon credits that certify their environmental impacts, you support their sustainability, enable strong impacts on the ground, and support the scale-up of their most efficient initiatives.

Our partners benefit greatly from this kind of Result-Based Financing that recognizes the results of their work and strengthens their sustainability journey. See also below the projects specific features that the carbon credits transactions allow for.

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Carbon projects portfolio

Our current carbon project portfolio is fully composed of Gold Standard Voluntary Emission Reductions (VERs).
All our carbon projects deliver a range of social, economic, health and environmental impacts, in addition to emission reductions. As a portfolio, they also can be grouped into three areas:

Clean energy

Clean water

Clean cooking

Find out more about each one of the projects in our portfolio

How to buy carbon credits? 

Step 1

Explore our range of projects to select the one(s) that fit your needs: geography, type, sector, size

Step 2

Based on your preferences, we share the prices required by the project owner

Step 3

Upon your agreement, we prepare the legal documentation or invoice you directly if this is a small trade

Step 4

On the date requested, we transfer or retire the required amount of carbon credits

Step 5

We provide you with other information such as carbon certification reports, impact data, etc.

Step 6

Payment is usually made at the reception – or at the retirement – of the carbon credits

If you don’t already know the amount of carbon credits that you would like to purchase, please contact us or read more about how we can support you via carbon footprinting.