Nexus has an experienced, international technical team that provides consultancy services to enterprises, non-governmental organizations, government agencies and others on certification, carbon footprinting and impact measurement. 


We can assess the carbon emission reduction potential of your project and help you pass the stages of certification processes with compliance and voluntary carbon standards such as the Gold Standard, CDM or VCS.

The scope of our carbon certification services includes:

  • Feasibility Project screening including cost-benefit analysis,
  • Design and Registration Project design and carbon standard validation,
  • Audit and Issuance Monitoring compliance (sampling protocol and survey design), verification assistance as well as communication with third parties such as auditors

Projects assessed

since 2009

emission reduction projects

in 4 countries in Southeast Asia

Gold Standard VERs issued

from the registered projects*

*source: as of Dec 2018

Nexus is the Coordinating and Managing Entity for two regional Programmes of Activities (PoA)

  • “Accelerating Clean Cooking Solutions in the Greater Mekong Region”
  • “Waste-to-energy using biomass gasification in South East Asia LDCs”

   Carbon footprint assessment

We provide on-demand carbon footprint assessment services to businesses and provide strategic advice on GHG emissions reduction and compensation. Nexus supports organizations in their social and environmental responsibility strategies and in achieving carbon neutrality. Read more

Our past clients include companies such as Dragon Capital, Telcotech Ltd.


Impact Measurement

We are experts in impact measurement and consult to assess your project or enterprise’s impact scope along three sustainability dimensions: social, environmental and economic. Nexus also offers impact measurement tools, monitoring and reporting against the Global Goals.

We help demonstrate the far-reaching impact of these projects by applying internationally recognized impact assessment frameworks and metrics, such as

  • Social Return on Investment (SROI)
  • GIIN IRIS metrics

Projects and enterprises supported by Nexus for Development achieve multiple positive impacts such as

reduced negative impacts on health

avoided deforestation

increased income generation

job creation

CO2 emissions avoided

All projects receiving Nexus financing are assessed and monitored for impact under appropriate frameworks and the results are demonstrated to the investors, donors, beneficiaries and third parties.