We work with partners around the world, creating innovative financial tools and connecting businesses with projects that are making a difference.

Support Our Growth

Nexus for Development is an international NGO founded on the principles of sustainable development.  Through our work we seek to support social enterprises across Asia to bridge the financing and knowledge gaps, fostering the growth of low-carbon clean energy and water solutions.

Nexus leverages market-based financing tools to lend to enterprises who fall into the ‘missing middle’ of the lending pyramid.  The markets and sectors in which Nexus operates are dynamic and are far from homogenous. Our work is informed by pilot funds that explore new and innovative solutions to provide adequate support to the ecosystem.

Innovative Funds

We develop and manage new ways to finance sustainable energy, water and sanitation enterprises in Asia. Through our funds, we support innovations in sustainable development, climate change mitigation, and poverty reduction.

Carbon Credits

Carbon credits are certified greenhouse gas emission reductions. They demonstrate, under the most strict standards and with third-party verification, that activity has avoided the release of greenhouse gases, and therefore helps to limit climate change. Here at Nexus for Development, we work only with highly social projects from the energy and water sectors. Our field partners work hard to address the most urgent communities’ needs, and we organize the carbon certification of their activities.