The financial schemes included in the Finance Solutions Map are targeting the following type of investees

Social enterprises or small and medium-sized enterprises

For-profit organizations that deliver basic services to low-income populations and that create positive social and environmental impacts.

Seed, early, or growth stages of development

  • Seed stage An idea has gone past the concept stage and entrepreneurs are investigating the economic and technical feasibility of the project with the end goal of finding product-market fit 
  • Early stage The first sales are achieved – the business model is designed and initial products are further tested and developed  
  • Growth stage Core products have been standardized and the business model has gained traction. The business can be scaled in terms of market access, market share, and revenues. Expansion may include new markets or new product lines. 
  • Not specified Any scheme that did not specify the stage of enterprise invested in will be displayed 

Clean energy, clean water, clean cooking or sanitation sectors

Clean energy

Renewable energy including solar energy, biogas technology, etc. 

Clean water

Water filters, connection to centralized drinking water supply, etc. 

Clean cooking

Improved cookstoves and other clean cooking technology.


Latrines and waste management.


Other relevant sectors (in addition to the sectors above, the financial scheme also targets other sectors).

Operating in Southeast Asia





The Philippines



The financial schemes included in the Finance Solutions Map

are managed by any of the following types of organizations:  

  • Development Bank Program/Government fund 
  • Financial institution (e.g. commercial bank or MFI) 
  • For-profit (e.g. impact fund, venture fund) 
  • Non-profit (e.g. impact fund, foundation, NGO) 

utilize any of the following types of finance:

  •  Crowdfunding
  •  Debt
  •  Equity
  •  Grant
  •  Guarantee
  •  Mezzanine
  •  Technical Assistance