About Us

Our Mission

We work with entrepreneurs across Asia to bridge the financing and knowledge gap, fostering the growth of low-carbon clean energy and water solutions.

Through innovative funding schemes as well as partnerships with impact investors, donors, and for-profits, we help our members to scale their projects. We support NGOs and social entrepreneurs who operate on a market-based approach to provide affordable, locally-adapted, low-carbon solutions benefiting all communities, in particular the bottom of the pyramid and vulnerable populations. As a key network manager, we provide the expertise and resources needed to support and scale-up these projects as well as a platform for capacity building and South-South knowledge sharing.

Provide access to sustainable energy

1.3 billion

people currently lack electricity to light their homes or conduct business

Provide access to cleaner, smarter solutions

2.7 billion

people rely on wood, charcoal, or other polluting solid fuels for cooking and heating

Tackle the indoor air pollution from cooking with solid fuels

4 million

people killed each year due to household air pollution, many of whom are women and children

Provide access to to clean, safe, affordable drinking water

748 million

people lack access to improved drinking water and 1.8 billion people utilize unsafe sources

Our Principles

Make meaningful connections

We unlock new opportunities by connecting people, ideas and action.

From our staff to our projects, we bring diverse people together; connecting knowledge and expertise and collaborating with organizations we could choose to compete with. As a cooperative we link our success to our members’ success. Working toward a shared vision, we achieve outcomes none of us could achieve alone. We are stronger together, and we are strongest when our connections are based on respect and mutual investment.

See the big picture

Our bold vision for development is based on enabling change that lasts.

By understanding the wider context, we can be more effective. It’s why we’ve developed a global approach that tackles climate change and poverty together. It’s why we understand the perspective of the project developer and the investor. It’s why we focus on supporting solutions that will live on. And it’s how we help our members see further down the line and scale up their impact.

Find better ways

Our challenge is always changing, and we’re devoted to finding ever better ways to tackle it.

We’re always exploring new ways to get the best result. Whether that’s a higher carbon price for our members or repurposing crowd-funding platforms for new markets. It means being confident to take the lead and to look beyond the simple quick-fix to find a smarter, lasting solution. Our commitment to finding the best approaches means our projects are trusted to deliver high quality, reliable outcomes.

Show our impact

By showing our impact we can change what people think is possible.

We measure our success by the difference we make for our members and the communities they support. Sharing our impacts keeps us transparent and accountable. We don’t just tell people in Cambodia why our water filters work, we invite them to try them and see for themselves.
It’s only by doing what we say we will that we build trust in our approach and inspire others to join us on our journey.

Innovative Finance

We develop and manage innovative financing solutions that blend traditional development funding, debt finance, impact investment, and climate finance. We work with a range of financial partners to target poverty and climate change and overcome market barriers and financing gaps.
Tailored services

We maximize impact for our financial partners through tailored funds, targeting sustainable development, climate change mitigation, and poverty reduction.

Thinking differently

We find, develop, and manage new ways to finance sustainable development outcomes.

Maximum impact

As a not-for-profit with expertise in project due diligence, market assessment, and results-based finance, we help our partners manage risk while maximizing their impact on the ground.

Network Facilitation

We connect a group of 20 NGOs and social enterprises who work to deliver low-carbon solutions in Asia to vulnerable populations.
We provide the expertise and resources needed to support and scale-up these clean energy and water projects.
Our goal is to grow our network of like-minded organizations and continue to provide a space for capacity building and South-South knowledge sharing.

Our Story

Nexus for Development is a regional non-profit based in Singapore and operating out of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and has worked for almost 10 years with entrepreneurs and investors in Asia and Africa, acting as both an innovative finance provider and knowledge manager.
It all started with a bold vision for a more equitable, accessible carbon market. We emerged to support project developers breaking down the entry barriers: the high transaction costs, complex methodologies, and inequitable financial risks.
We were initiated by the French NGO GERES (Group for the Environment, Renewable Energy and Solidarity) and launched by an alliance of eight development organizations from seven countries who committed to using carbon finance to tackle poverty and climate change.
Since 2009, we have gone from strength-to-strength, extending ourselves beyond carbon while developing innovative new ways to support the growth and impact of our 20 members.