Nexus exists to open doors for development. Our values guide everything we do.

We know more about how to solve major challenges like poverty and climate change than ever before. The challenge is not a lack of knowledge or resources, but getting these tools into the hands of people who need them and can make a difference.

We connect amazing development opportunities to sources of finance and expertise that enable organizations around the world to scale up their impact.


Nexus’ story began in 2007 with a bold vision for a more equitable, accessible carbon market. The high transaction costs, complex methodologies, and inequitable financial risks were hindering the ability of development organizations to effectively access carbon finance and leverage the full power of the carbon market. Nexus emerged in response to these challenges – supporting project developers by breaking down barriers to entry.

In 2009, Nexus was initiated by the French NGO GERES (Group for the Environment, Renewable Energy and Solidarity) and launched by an alliance of eight development organizations from seven countries who committed to using carbon finance to tackle poverty and climate change. Since then, we have gone from strength-to-strength, extending ourselves beyond carbon while developing innovative new ways to support the growth and impact of our 23 members.

Our challenge

  • To help provide access to sustainable energy to the 1.3 billion people who currently lack electricity to light their homes or conduct business

  • To help provide the 2.7 billion people who rely on wood, charcoal, or other solid fuels for cooking and heating with access to cleaner, smarter solutions

  • To help tackle the indoor air pollution from cooking with solid fuels that is killing 4 million people a year, many of whom are women and children

  • To help provide the 748 million people who currently lack access to improved drinking water and the further 1.8 billion people who are utilizing unsafe sources with access to clean, safe, affordable options