Creative finance for safe water

Nexus Climate Finance Revolving Fund drives benefits for rural communities

Indonesia is a populous nation with more than 255 million people spread throughout the vast island chain. With many Indonesians residing in poor, rural communities, obtaining safe drinking water can be a challenge.

Nazava’s water filter technology can make a difference and the organization accessed the Nexus Climate Finance Revolving Fund to help maximize its impact.

The Revolving Fund can be accessed by Nexus members and provides competitive loans that can be repaid once a project is operational and able to sell carbon credits. The purpose is to help innovative organizations overcome financial barriers that may be keeping good projects from having a greater impact.

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Nazava’s water filters may immediately bring to mind health benefits, they rid water of harmful bacteria, but are also effective at reducing CO2 emissions and increasing household savings. Indonesia is experiencing significant deforestation and burning wood to boil water only increases this strain. Forests are important stores of carbon and water filters play a role in preserving them. By creating environmental improvements, the project will be able to generate carbon credits that will allow Nazava to repay the loan while scaling up the impact of the project.

Through innovative financial tools like the Revolving Fund, Nexus is able to energize projects that are achieving environmental and livelihood benefits throughout the world.

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