We develop and manage innovative financing solutions that blend traditional development funding, debt finance, impact investment, and climate finance. We work with a range of financial partners to target poverty and climate change and overcome market barriers and financing gaps.

Tailored services
We maximize impact for our financial partners through tailored funds, targeting sustainable development, climate change mitigation, and poverty reduction.
Thinking differently
We find, develop, and manage new ways to finance sustainable development outcomes.
Maximum impact
As a not-for-profit with expertise in project due diligence, market assessment, and results-based finance, we help our partners manage risk while maximizing their impact on the ground.
Clean Energy Revolving Fund

Nexus’ Clean Energy Revolving Fund (CERF) provides affordable financing to small and medium enterprises in the agrifood sector of Cambodia to adopt clean energy technologies. The goal of the program is to increase the productivity and help producers, processors, and distributors compete in the regional economy.

The Fund will reduce emissions from the sector by funding renewable energy, and encourage an early shift away from fossil fuel based energy sources as the agro-industrial sector of Cambodia grows.

The CERF is a pilot fund made possible through grant contributions from the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP), the Austrian Government and the Blue Moon Fund.

Contact Nexus if you are interested in our Clean Energy Revolving Fund.


Pioneer Facility

The Pioneer Facility is a strategic financing mechanism for social businesses that address climate change by supplying sustainable, affordable energy solutions.

In many developing countries, social enterprises and SMEs face a serious challenge.  As their businesses grow, local entrepreneurs often need access to affordable debt in small or medium-sized amounts. Access to this working capital is critical to reaching scale and profitability, but too often it is unavailable.

The Pioneer Facility helps organizations to overcome this financing gap and grow their enterprises.

Our criteria:

  • Technologies: clean energy, water and sanitation technologies benefiting low-income populations.
  • Geographies: Asia, with potential for strong cases in Africa.
  • Impacts: products and services must contribute to the fight against poverty and climate change.
  • Organization and financing: enterprises in a growth stage that can demonstrate the viability of their project with a strong business case.

Download our Pioneer Facility Brochure for Investors for more information on supporting the fund.

Download our Pioneer Facility Brochure for Social Enterprises for more information including the general terms of the loan.

Contact Nexus if you are interested in applying for Pioneer Financing.

Are you eligible to receive finance from the Pioneer Facility? Take our short eligibility test to find out.
Nexus Climate Finance Revolving Fund

Nexus’ Climate Finance Revolving Fund supports project developers that are interested in increasing their revenue through carbon finance.  The fund offers loans at competitive interest rates and can be repaid from the sale of the carbon credits once a project is operational.

In order to access the carbon market, a project must first undergo a certification process that will verify its carbon savings. The cost of this process can be prohibitive for maturing organizations.

Contact us for more information about the Climate Finance Revolving Fund.

SNV Laos accessed the Nexus Climate Finance Revolving Fund to support their clean cookstove project.

Nazava used the Nexus Climate Finance Revolving Fund to support their ceramic candle water filter project in Indonesia

Nazava used the Nexus Climate Finance Revolving Fund to support their ceramic candle water filter project in Indonesia
SNV Laos accessed the Nexus Climate Finance Revolving Fund to support their clean cookstove project.
Clean Cooking Loan Fund

Created in partnership with The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves and The Gold Standard Foundation, the Clean Cooking Loan Fund provides upfront capital to project developers interested in accessing carbon finance. The fund provides the financial means necessary to cover the costs for the emissions reduction certification process.

The loan can be repaid once the project has begun to deliver CO2 emissions reductions and generates carbon credits.

Contact us for more information about the Clean Cooking Loan Fund


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